How does BARLEYmax® help with healthy digestion?

BARLEYmax® Super Barley™ has the highest amount of resistant starch compared to most other grains

BARLEYmax fibre-levels compared to other grains

To encourage a healthy microbiome, it is important to eat more fibre, especially fermentable fibres such as resistant starch, as it is these that good bacteria use to nourish the lining of the digestive tract. Resistant Starch is the component in food that manages to make it through the digestive processes in the stomach and small intestine to feed the microbiome in the large intestine

BARLEYmax® Fact

Including foods with the BARLEYmax® Super Barley™ whole grain is a simple and easy way to increase
the amount of resistant starch in your diet, without making significant lifestyle changes.