Today, the BARLEYmax® wholegrain is changing lives and improving the health of discerning Australians everywhere.

One healthy grain at a time.

Health Benefits

BARLEYmax® represents the next evolution of whole grain superfoods. Developed and researched by Australian CSIRO scientists, the addition of BARLEYmax® enhances the positive nutritional attributes of a range of consumer foods.
The complete, 100% natural, whole grain that contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grain. The unique blend of different types of fibre in BARLEYmax® whole grain has four times the level of resistant starch of most grains, 70% more β-Glucan than oats and is low GI.

BARLEYmax® Story

The health credentials of BARLEYmax® begin with its history. In the late 1990s, CSIRO researchers developed a collection of new non-GM barley grains through conventional breeding processes and then assessed their potential to improve health by delivering high levels of resistant starch and other dietary fibre components.
Subsequently, one particular opportunity emerged – a new type of barley grain that went on to become BARLEYmax®.
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Nutrient Information
Nutrient Per 100g
Carbohydrate 45.0g
Protein 15.6g
Fat 6.0g
Dietary fibre 25.5g
Beta-Glucan 6.4g
Resistant Starch 2.6g
Sodium 5.6mg
Nutritional analysis based on average values

BARLEYmax® is now represented in the aisles of these three major supermarkets as well as many bakeries across Australia.

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